The Galaxy needs more pizza!

Upside Down: The Snowman's Legacy is a 3D platform game about the adventures of Scarfy, an intergalactic pizza delivery guy who will immerse himself in the Ice-Cream Planet facing all kinds of danger.

Will you be able to deliver your order on time?

The Team

Sleepy Creepy is a video game dev team from Barcelona forged at UPC's 2017 master's degree.
Here we are, the art and programming students that made this game.

Mateo Costa
3D Artist / Concept Art / Level Design

Alex Plaza
3D Animator

Adrian Guevara
Programmer / FX specialist

Guillem Ferré
Lead Programmer

Esteban ArrĂșa

Thank you for playing!

We want to thank everyone that helped us while learning and developing this demo.
If you would like to say something or contact us just send a mail at the following email or contact directly to each of using the links at the "Team" page.

With love :), the Sleepy Creepy team.